MRI Machine.jpgHealthCare Appraisers’ latest addition to its Automated FMV Solutions™ suite is the Capital Equipment Calculator.  The Capital Equipment Calculator™ fuses the knowledge of the nation’s leading FMV experts with innovative technology to allow hospitals and health systems to economically obtain independent third-party FMV ranges on Capital Equipment purchase transactions within minutes.

In addition to traditional tangible capital equipments such as medical equipment, the Capital Equipment Calculator can be customized to calculate ranges for other components commonly associated with purchase transactions including Supplies, Medical Records, and alternative lease payment rates.  


The Capital Equipment Calculator is a fully interactive, web-based application tool that is based on the methodologies that HealthCare Appraisers utilizes in its traditional FMV reports. Using an intelligent data-gathering web-based interface and drop down menus, the calculator captures relevant information related to the subject of Fixed Assets, Supplies, and Medical Records.

The Capital Equipment Calculator™ establishes FMV ranges based on the unique attributes of each transaction or arrangement, considering:

  • Various asset categories including medical equipment, furniture and fixtures, office equipment, and computer equipment;
  • Potential lease options for the capital equipments;
  • Level of various Supplies on hand (office, medical, and drugs); and
  • Types of active Medical Records (physical and/or electronic).

The Capital Equipment Calculator is reviewed/updated quarterly to adjust to changes in the industry and market factors pertinent to capital equipment. 

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