Automated Physician Employment FMV Opinions

Fusing the knowledge of the nation's leading fair market value experts with innovative technology, the team at HealthCare Appraisers has developed a pioneering suite of Automated Fair Market Value Solutions.  Ideal for the hospital or health system looking to significantly reduce costs and turnaround time when trying to establish a Fair Market Value opinion in a physician employment arrangement.

Hospital-physician employment activity around the country continues to increase.  Unfortunately, given the pace of most of the negotiations in order to establish Fair Market Value (“FMV”), many hospitals and healthcare employers have simply elected to rely upon the various physician compensation surveys that are available in the marketplace.  Even if the proposed arrangement fits within the Stark employment exception, simply looking at survey data to justify the fair market value of the arrangement is a risky proposition.

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HealthCare Appraisers listened to our clients pain points and created a calculator that has the ability to generate a Fair Market Value opinions in a matter of minutes, all from the comfort of your own computer and most importantly, on your own time.  With a few keystrokes, the easy to use, interactive Physician Employment Calculator, provides your team with a defensible fair market value opinion, fully supported by the experts at HealthCare Appraisers.

Since each physician employment arrangement is a unique transaction, the use of published market survey data to establish FMV generally lacks sufficient accuracy and defensibility. Furthermore, given the ever increasing complexity of physician employment arrangements, addressing the notion of “compensation stacking” is virtually impossible without an in-depth valuation analysis.


The physician Employment Calculator is a unique and powerful interactive valuation tool that establishes unbiased FMV compensation opinions for a specific physician employment arrangement within minutes.  The Physician Employment Calculator provides a defensible FMV analysis based on the specific framework of the proposed model and factors in the particular physician's background, historical and projected performance, as well as, local market conditions.

The FMV calculator relies upon an intelligent "data gathering" user interface to capture relevant information related to:

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The physician employment model incorporates a sophisticated decision tree created by the Fair Market Value experts at HealthCare Appraisers.  If productivity metrics for the specific physician are provided, the Physician Employment Calculator analyzes three independent market-based approaches for both wRVU and PCs productivity, for up to six independent market approaches, each based upon multiple physician compensation surveys.  If productivity data is unavailable, the Physician Employment Calculator assess the compensation based upon the physician’s specialty, qualifications and experience, characteristics of the market and prior recruitment efforts.  The method is then synthesized into a single FMV determination provided in a printed report within minutes that reflects whether the proposed compensation is supported by the Physicain Employment Calculator.


Stethoscope-by-Laptop-Computer.jpgUtilizing our web-based solution, users are able to produce FMV opinions in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.  The Physician Employment FMV Calculator comes standard with a variety of common physician Employment Arrangement structures with the ability to add customized arrangement structures, drop downs, and inputs based on your organizations needs.  

Accompanying the Physician Employment Calculator is a comprehensive valuation report that fully describes the inputs and methodology used to establish FMV as well as a commercial reasonableness opinion.  

Generally, the results of the FMV Employment Calculator are effective for up to three years, with the allowance for transactions to be re-analyzed with nominal changes made to the agreement and without the need to re-enter all of the data.  The FMV Employment Calculator yields results that compare the FMV upper limit and the proposed compensation for base salary, incentives, administrative and additional services for the applicable employment arrangement. 

What if the result is outside of FMV?


If a user inputs aspects of a proposed physician compensation plan and the Physician Employment FMV Calculator results fall outside of FMV, two options are available:

1) Users are permitted, and even encouraged, to alter aspects of the proposed compensation plan to seek a successful Physician Employment FMV Calculator outcome; or

2) If the proposed compensation plan cannot be altered, a secondary analysis can be performed by HealthCare Appraisers’ professional staff allowing for 100% FMV coverage. 

Additionally, if HealthCare Appraises believes the FMV Employment Calculator is unable to consider specific subjective factors or nuances, or we believe the relative risk of the arrangement is particularly high (e.g., highly compensated doctors), the Physician Employment Calculator is designed to indicate that additional secondary analysis is warranted to support the arrangement.   


Since our founding in 2000 and having produced thousands of time tested Fair Market Value physician employment opinions, HealthCare Appraisers has been at the forefront of the Healthcare FMV industry.  The Physician Employment Calculator is the next step in innovation when it comes to providing fast, cost effective, compliant FMV opinions for physician employment.   Don't wait any longer, schedule your free demo with the FMV experts at HealthCare Appraisers.