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Automated Physician FMVs: Providing Instant, Defensible Results

July 12, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers

Whether it be the result of the hospitals and health care system's desire to expand their affiliated physician network, decreasing reimbursement rates and bargaining power with commercial payors, anticipation of new delivery models, or lifestyle considerations, physician employment and similar types of arrangements are only expected to continue [...]


Physician Employment Calculator- Press Release

June 23, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers

HealthCare Appraisers, Inc. announces the release of the latest version of its Physician Employment Calculator.

The Physician Employment Calculator is a sophisticated web-based program that determines the fair market value of physician employment arrangements.  Introduced in 2014 and in use by over 300 hospitals across the U.S, the Physician [...]


Clinically Integrated Networks: 7 Tips For Hospitals

June 06, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers


As the healthcare industry transitions to value-based care models, Clinically-Integrated Networks (CINs) are being created to achieve quality outcomes, coordinated patient care and reduced operating costs. A CIN is a network of healthcare providers, including hospitals, physician groups and/or [...]


An Investors Guide To Surgery Center Ownership

June 01, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers

Ambulatory surgery centers are currently actively traded in the marketplace. Given this high level of activity, it is essential for ASC leaders considering a sale or an assessment of where their center stands in the market to accurately determine their center's value.

Small surgery centers that are wholly owned by a single physician group or a [...]


The Continuing Evolution of Service Line Co-Management Arrangements

May 17, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers

More than ever, hospital/physician alignment strategies that foster cooperation and shared goals between hospitals and their medical staffs are paramount in achieving quality and efficiency improvements.  Unfortunately, looking back historically, many hospitals have not effectively partnered with their medical staff physicians in the planning, [...]


Medical Practice Valuation: A Balanced Approach

May 12, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers

Framing the Practice Intangibles Issue

Throughout the United States, medical practice acquisition activity has increased significantly, driven primarily by ongoing uncertainties resulting from:

1) Health Care Reform

2) Declining Reimbursement From Medicare

3) A desire for hospitals and health systems to bolster integrated delivery models and [...]