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Bytes to Bucks: The Valuation of Data


Author: David Lo, Luis Argueso and Nicholas Janiga, ASA | Published: 8/1/2019
Researchers and companies have long been gathering data to gain new insights into health and illnesses.  With the significant increase in use of electronic health records, patient health data has become more accessible than ever before.  [...]

Appraising Linear Accelerators

Authors: Jeffrey Doyle, ASA & Kirsten Hodges | Published: 7/23/2019
A Linear Accelerator (“Linac”) is a technically advanced medical device/system that is utilized in radiation oncology.  A Linac customizes high energy x-rays/electrons to conform to a tumors shape to destroy cancerous tissue, while preserving the surrounding tissue. [...]

The Impact of Price Transparency in Healthcare is Unclear

Authors: Daniel I. Levin, CFA, Nicholas J. Janiga, ASA and Luis A. Argueso

On June 24, 2019, President Trump issued an executive order with the goal of improving price transparency in the healthcare sector.  The order directs the department of Health and Human Services to propose a policy requiring hospitals to publicly list prices and directs [...]


Navigating Telemedicine Issues in Real Estate

June 27, 2019 Jacob Jones

Author: Jacob Jones, Senior Associate | Published: 06/27/2019

From a real estate standpoint, relatively little is needed in the way of space build-out for telemedicine providers to administer care besides four walls, a reception area, a secure internet connection, and enhanced A/V equipment.  Because of this, the most common locations for [...]


Market Value Should be “Defendable,” Not “Fair,” Experts Say

June 10, 2019 CenterWatch Weekly

By: Brandon May | Featuring Andrea Ferrari, JD, MPH, Partner - HealthCare Appraisers, Inc. | May 27, 2019

Published in CenterWatch Weekly

Establishing a fair market value for a clinical trial that both sponsors and sites can agree on often is easier said than done. There is little or no consensus on the “fair” price to be paid for clinical [...]


The Role of Valuation Firms in the Self-Disclosure Process

Author: Barbara Landy, MBA, MHS, FACHE | Published: 04/17/2019

Occasionally, healthcare entities may have the need to perform a review of their compensation arrangements with healthcare providers, which may surface compliance concerns about such arrangements.  Healthcare entities facing possible self-disclosure of violations under various [...]