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Second Opinions Are Not Just for Patients: The Benefits of an Appraisal Review

October 09, 2018 Matthew J. Muller, ASA
Published: 10/9/2018 | Author: Matthew J. Muller, ASA
Last year,  we  outlined reasons  on why having an appraisal review completed may be a prudent step in the transaction process.    Healthcare t ransaction activity  during the last year   has  continue d  at a rapid pace, with buyers and sellers becoming increasingly aware of the [...]

6 Reasons to Hire an Expert to Value Diagnostic Imaging Centers

August 22, 2017 Matthew J. Muller, ASA

Published: 8/22/2017 | Author: Matthew J. Muller, ASA

The business model of a typical diagnostic imaging center is designed to offer a comprehensive array of noninvasive imaging studies to determine a representation of internal anatomy and functions.  A center may offer the imaging services of a single modality, such as Magnetic Resonance [...]

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