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Valuing On-Call Arrangements - Locums vs. Non-Locums Rates

Published: 04/17/2018 | Author: Berta Narohna and Adam S. Polsky, MBA, CVA

The use of locum tenens physicians to fill gaps in emergency department call coverage schedules is prevalent at many hospitals.  When hospitals and their compliance teams are assessing the fair market value (“FMV”) of compensation for on-call coverage arrangements, [...]


Post-Acute Providers – Focus on Compliance with Physician Administrative Services

Published: 04/03/2018 | Author: Barbara Landy, MBA, MHS, FACHE 

As post-acute care providers continue to maintain excellent service and strive for improvements in their compliance programs, and as nursing facility operators and managers prepare for the November 2019 enforcement of regulations for compliance and ethics programs under CMS [...]


Pay-for-Performance Across the Continuum of Care: Achieving Quality Improvement and Cost Savings through Hospital/Physician Alignment

March 20, 2018 Ann Brandt, PhD

Published: 03/20/2018

As payment models shift to focus on value targets, hospitals and physicians are increasingly being challenged to work together to redesign care delivery processes that extend beyond the acute care setting to include post-acute services.  For example, under CMS’s Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) bundled [...]


Navigating the Complexities of Medical Director and Other Administrative Arrangements

Published: 03/13/2018 | Authors: Berta Narohna & Barbara Landy, MBA, MHS, FACHE

Physicians continue to be involved with the management and/or administrative oversight of many health care operations, including not only acute care hospitals, but group provider practices, insurance products, the operation of foundations, and an even widening [...]

The Impact of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase’s Health Care Alliance on the Industry

February 27, 2018 Erica Jacobovits, JD

Published: 02/27/2018 | Author: Erica Jacobovits, JD

It is almost a truism that the health care system in the United States is one of the largest challenges currently facing our nation. It would seem that quality, affordability, and innovation present inherent tradeoffs – increasing one inextricably reduces the other, and it is thus difficult [...]


FMVantage Point™: Valuing Continuing Medical Education ("CME") Credits

February 20, 2018 Adam L. Slotnick, MSPH, MA

Published: 02/20/2018 | Author: Adam L. Slotnick, MSPH, MA

In order to maintain licensure in the state in which they practice medicine,1 physicians and other medical professionals must earn a set number of hours of CME credit during each reporting period.2  State licensing boards grant credit for participation in only those CME events offered [...]