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Fair Market Value & The Continuing Evolution of Service Line Co-Management Arrangements

May 17, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers

More than ever, hospital/physician alignment strategies that foster cooperation and shared goals between hospitals and their medical staffs are paramount in achieving quality and efficiency improvements.  Unfortunately, looking back historically, many hospitals have not effectively partnered with their medical staff physicians in the planning, [...]


Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs): Fair Market Value In A Value Focused World

April 12, 2017 HealthCare Appraisers

I. Introduction

For healthcare providers, and in particular for hospitals and physicians, 2015 was an interesting year that was full of surprising twists and zigzagging transactional trends. In the first half of the year, new legislation in the form of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (“MACRA”) promised radical transformation in [...]


Valuation of Physician Consultant Arrangements

September 22, 2016 HealthCare Appraisers

Ensuring Compliance within the Medical Device Industry

Regulatory restrictions within the healthcare industry often prohibit marketing practices that are common in other less regulated industries. For example, the federal anti-kickback statute places significant constraint on the marketing and sales practices of healthcare-related companies. [...]


The Next Evolution of the Service Line Co-Management Arrangement

November 12, 2014 HealthCare Appraisers

Hospital/physician alignment strategies are increasing in popularity as government and private sector payors transition to performance-based payment systems.  In preparation for the continuing shift to payment structures that focus on clinical outcomes and best practices, Hospitals have been considering a diverse array of operational and [...]


Intangible Assets In Healthcare

May 15, 2014 HealthCare Appraisers

Over time the United States economy has shifted from a focus on capital-intensive manufacturing businesses to service business industries which have relatively less tangible assets.  Concurrently, business appraisals have shifted from a primary focus on tangible assets such as buildings and equipment, to an increasing focus on intangible [...]


Life Sciences: Compensation Valuation in an Age of Transparency

March 28, 2014 HealthCare Appraisers

The life sciences industry is dealing with a series of global challenges relating to increasing competition, escalating costs and expanding regulatory requirements.  New regulations, focusing on requirements for transparent interactions between life sciences companies (“LSCs”), physicians and other types of healthcare providers (e.g., [...]

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