An efficient and cost-effective approach to determining FMV

 HealthCare Appraisers is the industry leader in providing automated solutions for recurring compensation arrangements such as various employment and on-call agreements through our Automated FMV Solutions suite.  After listening to our client’s pain points, HealthCare Appraisers created a suite of proprietary calculators to help enhanced turnaround times and reduced valuation fees.  

Our Suite of automated FMV Tools Include:

1)  Physician On-Call Compensation Calculator

2)  Physician Employment Compensation Calculator

3)  Global Health Professional Compensation Calculator

4)  Fixed Asset Value Calculator

Our Automated FMV Solutions for compensation valuation and fixed asset valuation are fast, affordable and convenient, Web-based FMV applications that enable our clients to manage large volumes of FMV projects with speed and cost-effectiveness.  Our suite of automated solutions provide instant Fair Market Value opinions for a variety of physican compensation agreements and fixed asset situations.  Coupled with seamless integration by our professional staff for those arrangements that may fall beyond the parameters of the tools’ algorithms, there is no situation that can't be handled.  

Stethoscope by laptop computer

Benefits of our Automated FMV Tools:
  • Efficiency – A user-friendly, web-based interface provides real-time values.
  • Experience – A sophisticated decision model based upon a decade of experience and a proprietary database of thousands of call & employment arrangements.
  • Relevance – The model captures and analyzes the specific characteristics on the subject of on-call & employment arrangements.
  • Consistency – The model produces consistent and objective FMV outcomes for all pertinent physician specialties.

Time for your team to innovate

Our calculators are powerful, web-based valuation tools that provide an efficient and cost-effective approach to determining the FMV for various compensation and fixed asset arrangements.  If you’re interested in learning more about our calculator tools, contact us today to schedule a live demo to see how our automated FMV calculators can revolutionize your appraisal needs.