Employed Physician Salary Agreements

HealthCare Appraisers approaches valuation of employed physician compensation arrangements within the unique context of healthcare regulation and generally accepted valuation principles.  HealthCare Appraisers considers the three widely established valuation approaches:

1) The Cost Approach

2) The Income Approach 

3) The Market Approaches

Every appraisal applies one or more of these approaches depending on the specific facts and circumstances of the valuation assignment.  These valuation approaches are conformed to comply with federal and state regulations (e.g., the Stark and anti-kickback statutes) and guidelines published by regulatory bodies or rendered by courts of law.

Once we gain a complete understanding of the detailed services required under the physician employment arrangement, as well as, the corresponding compensation model that is being proposed, HealthCare Appraisers determines the applicability of the three valuation approaches referenced above.